Looking for a gift for a promotion, fulfillment programs, reward, or charity event prizes?

Something other than the typical candy, wine, or stock golf supplies? Give them something unique that they’ll love to use and will always remind them of you, a Zero Torque Club by Gravity Centered Golf! Volume discounts are available, please contact us for additional information.

The ideal gift for a corporate event should:

  • Be Meaningful and useful to the receipient
  • Be something which they would admire but wouldn’t think to buy for themselves
  • Have a price point above the trivial but not high enough to be considered as trying to influence the customer
  • Be unique in some aspect. It should be a gift which has some quality not found in most fulfillment awards or premiums. A gift or award lose something when it becomes the standard at every event
  • Not break the budget for those giving the gifts

Keeping the ball on the fairway, and when it is in the rough, being able to hit the ball straight, makes the game a lot more fun, improves scores and tempers, and makes for shorter rounds. 

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Contact us for special event pricing.   GCG would like to work with any organization which is interested in providing new, exciting gifts which will be treasured by the recipients for many years to come.

ZeroTorque clubs are a unique gift which will be exciting and useful to the recipient and which won't break the budget.

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We believe these clubs may well have the same kind of impact on the golf world as the large head tennis racket had on the game of tennis when they were first introduced forty years ago. The leading pro’ s at first disdained them and traditionalists balked at them. 
They were adopted first by the average player out for exercise at his neighborhood court , and then by some previously lower ranked pro’s  who began to win tournaments with them. Today’s game, more exciting at the highest levels, more fun for the average player owes much to the introduction of this simple change in the  rackets used to play the game. 
Zero Torque clubs can have the same impact on golf. They look a little different than the traditional club where the shaft attaches asymmetrically at the edge of the club head  but that slight change in look of the club is what produces straighter shots even from difficult lies in the rough. It is what eliminates the rotational force around the fixed attachment point that causes so many off-line shots.
We know these clubs get into trouble less often because we have had them tested at the premier club testing facility, Golf Labs, in San Diego. The first generation clubs we tested had 25% less dispersion than any first generation clubs they had ever tested. If anything the robot testing understates our advantage over traditional clubs because of the way the test is set up and carried out.
Zero Torque clubs are the perfect gift for many occasions. They are so new to the golf equipment scene there is little chance they are already in the bag. They are the new paradigm in golf clubs, designed to hit the ball straight. Both in robot testing and in trials by professional golfers they stay in the fairway more often than any of the major brands.